The company was founded in 1989 and its vision is continuous development to become the main supplier of hydraulic systems and cleaning machines.

The company was founded by Aristotelis Eveidis and Athanasios Riganias at the end of 1989 under the name “Hydroflex – Eveidis – Riganias O.E.”. Armed with experience, creativity, flexibility, innovation and know-how, and always remaining faithful to maintaining the top quality of our products, we have developed long-term partnerships with leading foreign companies.

The beginning takes place in 1991 with Alfagomma HydraulicSpa, one of the largest manufacturers of high pressure hydraulic hoses. Next comes the collaboration with FlextuboSpa, a large and certified manufacturer of nozzles (fittings). The following year, CastSpa, one of the most important and certified manufacturers of forged fittings for connecting hydraulic pressure systems, appreciating the upward trend and the wide range of sales of Hydroflex, enters into another successful and strategic partnership with the company.

The result of all the above was the establishment of Hydroflex in the market as the main supplier of certified products.

At the same time, the company SirioSrl, which is active in the manufacturing of cleaning machines, found in Hydroflex the ideal partner for the distribution and repair (aftersales service) of its machines in the Greek market.

The upward trend continues, and large foreign houses such as Dunlop, AnnoviReverberiSpa, UdorSpa, ElseaSrl, FasterSpa, OleodinamicaMarchesiniSrl, GemelsSrl, Techmaflex, FlexbimecInternationalSrl, ChimigalGoldenSrl, ZecSpa etc., seeing the sophisticated distribution network that the company has developed, choose direct cooperation with her.

Also, the continued staffing of the company with experienced and qualified staff, the change of facilities in 2004, as well as the perfect organization of its storage areas, are the main factors on which the organization of a huge commercial network throughout Greece was based.

In September 2005, the company takes its current form, as it turns into a limited company (S.A.), taking the distinctive title “Hydroflex Hellas S.A.” and expecting even greater successes.

The dawn of 2006 finds Hydroflex starting an exclusive partnership with PortotecnicaI PCleaningSpa, an agreement which gives Hydroflex the opportunity to present a new force in cleaning systems.

Its participation in industry exhibitions, information and advertising through the press and market penetration with quality and unbeatable prices have opened up new avenues for it in recent years in the markets of the Balkans, Cyprus and the Middle East.

Our vision is to become the leading supplier of hydraulic systems and cleaning machinery in the wider market.

The upward trajectory of Hydroflex is a result of the trust of its customers. Its activity in cleaning machines was done in the light of providing functional and reliable machines with low maintenance costs. The people of the company are firmly committed to providing responsible services of the highest quality.

Permanent goals of the company are:

  • To develop and increase the variety of materials it imports
  • To have materials and provide high quality services
  • To continuously improve and maintain happy and loyal customers

Know-how, quality and economy are the values that Hydroflex applies and which, in combination with the wide distribution network, lead to development and offer unique solutions to modern technological requirements.

The company’s product range includes:

  • High pressure pipes
  • Press fitting
  • Forged fittings
  • Automatic brake fittings, brass, low pressure
  • Iron pipes, supports
  • High pressure valves, Quick couplings
  • Air Fittings, Guns, Pressure Gauges, Spiral, FRL
  • Lubrication systems (greasers, valve liners, oilers)
  • Spare parts for washing machines
  • Cleaning machines (washing machines, vacuum cleaners)
  • High pressure pipe presses
  • Gasoline washing machines
  • Cleaning chemicals
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